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Self Storage Rental

Need Reliable Self Storage in Guelph?

Royal Storage is Guelph’s best & newest self storage facility offering safe, secure and 24/7 accessible storage solutions. At Royal Storage, we offer everything to meet your residential & commercial storage needs. We offer several different size units, ranging from 20 sq ft to 500 sq ft, each with individual unit alarms, video surveillance and a secure perimeter.

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Our Storage Facility

If you’re running out of space in your garage, why not move some of your stuff into a storage unit? Royal Storage has the secure facility you need to help you stay organized without breaking the bank. Our facility has security and accessibility features designed to protect your belongings and ensure ease-of-access when you need it.

Self Storage Features


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Self Storage Security


Our secure storage facility is the perfect place to store your items short and long-term -- knowing they'll always be safe. Read More


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Since 2008, Royal Storage has been the name to trust in Guelph for secure, affordable storage solutions.

Our storage units are ideal for furniture, fitness equipment, electronics, and even vehicles. Need temporary storage while you’re getting ready to move to a new home? We have the unit to fit all your belongings big or small.

We can provide 25 sq ft units suitable for smaller items like antiques, chairs, and gardening tools.

For larger items, we can provide you with up to 500 sq ft storage unit. This unit size is ideal for storing furniture and all of the contents of your home or office.

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The Royal Advantage is what separates Royal Storage from your average self storage company in Guelph. From our fully trained Storage Consultants to our excellent customer service and competitive rates, we aim to deliver a truly exceptional experience from start to finish. Stop by our location and you will notice a clean, well-lit facility with censored hall lighting, coded access, and individual door alarms, alongside a full stock of moving and packing supplies including locks, boxes, tape, plastic covers and more.
Does Royal Storage provide a lock or does anyone else have a key?
You purchase a lock on site or you can bring your own that way only you have the key.
Am I renting the space month to month or am I on a lease?
There is no lease with Royal Storage. It’s a Use Agreement. Your rent is renewable weekly and payable every 4-weeks for convenience.
Will you send me a monthly invoice?
No, Royal Storage only invoices upon request. You can pre-authorize payment in advance by credit card, online payment or by mailing a cheque. We also accept cash or debit.
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Use sturdy boxes and fill them to capacity to help avoid collapsing or tipping when they are stacked one on top of another.


Heavy items should be packed in smaller boxes so that they are easy to lift or carry (i.e., books and tools).


Always protect your fragile items by packing them with bubble wrap or foam pouches, etc.


You should always label your boxes for easy retrieval. Fragile labels and location labels (i.e., bedroom, kitchen) are excellent to use.

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